Monday, January 25, 2010


The story is about a princess and illustrates the concept of rhyming and alliterations.

Slide 1:Once there was a Princess who liked to rhyme.

Slide 2:A rhyme is when two words have the same final sound. Thus, rhyming is using words that sound the same

Slide 3: One windy day she was walking in the courtyard, when suddenly a bat came and snatched her hat! “Oh no!” She cried. “That hat is mine, Bat!”

(Can YOU find the rhyming words on this page?)

Slide 4: The Princess is devastated. She picks up her skirt and runs after the bat, throwing big wads of dirt.

Slide 5: Out of breath and feeling weak, she stops at a creek. And as she sat on a rock she heard a, “SQUEAK, SQUEAK!”

Slide 6: [The Princess meets charming Randalfo Rat’amer the Rat, who is practicing his alliteration].
R:“Ow! You Rude Runny-nosed Rooster!” spat Randolfo the Rat.
P: “Oh, I’m so sorry little mouse. A bat snatched my hat, my legs hurt, I’ve ripped my skirt, and I’ve got mud on my blouse.”
R: “Mouse?! Mouse!? Mother Goose, I don’t see no mouse! The name’s Randolfo Rat’amer.”
“What’s with the weeping?”

Slide 7: P: “A bat snatched my hat, on you I sat, and I’m afraid your rhyming’s no good Sir Rat.”
R: “NO good? Ha! Ha! (laughing) Oh Princess please, (more laughing) pardon poor me. Do I look like a tree? I’m quite capable of rhyming you see. I’m attaining the art of alliteration.”
P: “It sounds so different this new sort of ‘chime.’ How is it different from a lovely rhyme?”
R: “Alliteration is the language we rats like to use. It is the repetition of the beginning sounds of words, or as we rats like to say, ‘just start all your words with the same sounding letter, and you’ll be wishin’ like a magnificent master rat musician!’”
“Allow me to demonstrate, AHMmm (clearing throat): Rats randomly run up rusty rocks, ripping red ribbons to remodel rockets while . . .”
P: (princess adds) “ . . . running a race?”
R: “Ah! Amazingly awesome alliteration princess!”
P: “I’m so happy on you I sat, I’ve now made friends with Randolfo the Rat!”

Slide 8:
R: “Now, What will we do with whoever took your hat?”
P: “A bat snatched my hat. Up the creek we could swim to find him.”
R: (smiling) “Hmm . . . using the creek we could come closer to catching that crafty critter.”
“Oooh, those beastly bats boast like buttered bread bugs especially when building beautiful bows. . .” (thinking) “AHA! Fear not Princess, we’ll break that bat’s bow and bring back that hat!”

Slide 9:So, up the creek the princess swam, searching for that sightless bat, with Randolfo the Rat.
Finally they found that flying foe and forced him to fall from the sky. The bat said he would return the hat, but only for a piece of pretty pumpkin patch pie.

Slide 10:The pumpkin patch was there in sight, but it was already nearly night. She’d have to farm to get the pumpkins prepared and then cook all day while the bat just stared. By midnight the princess’ dress was a mess. All she wanted was to find her hat and her Prince Charming, but now she was stuck here farming.

Slide 11:The Princess could see no hope. She thought maybe I should just try when she heard a booming “NOPE!”

She turned around to see a handsome man standing with a hundred pretty pumpkin pies. The Princess was so happy she felt as if she would just die!

The handsome man was her prince charming come to save her from Randolfo the Rat. He sent up all the pies to that Rat and retrieve the princess’ hat.

Slide 12:Randolfo the Rat had no choice but to give the princess back her hat.

The princess was so thankful to her prince charming and his good deed. They headed off into the sunset with the prince in the lead and his trusty stead.

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  1. I really like your professional and creative story. It looks awesome. I especially like Randolfo the rat. I look forward to seeing the finish product!