Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 9 PLE Post

What are some ways you can tell that you have successfully integrated technology into your lesson?

I think you can tell if technology is successfully integrated into your lessons if the students understand the technology and its specific use for the class. The student doesn't necessarily need to know how to use the technology perfectly because that barely happens but if the students understand what they are learning and the role that the technology plays in their education then the technology was integrated well.

What do you feel technology should accomplish in order to be a legitimate addition to your lesson?

I think the technology should not be the center of the lesson, unless it is the topic for the class, but should be the aid in teaching the students. If the technology is helping the students and enriching the environment of the classroom and enriching their education then it is accomplishing its purpose and is a legitimate addition to the lesson.

What indicators can tell you whether or not you have chosen an appropriate technology for your lesson?

If the students are learning the curriculum and the technology is nor interfering with their education then it is appropriate. If the students aren't being distracted but are able to use the technology to their advantage and they can use it to their advantage then it is definitely appropriate.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


What are some of the problems with learning TPACK skills?

Some of the problems it seems is that everything being taught is very dependent on how each of the students learn. It is very important to remember that every child and every group of children will learn differently. If trying to teach something that is based to student-content learning needs then it must apply to each of the different students. It also seems like the ideas are pretty complex and not well thought out yet.

What is the main idea of the article?

The main idea of the article is to try and restructure the way classrooms are being taught by integrating technology into the lesson plans. This approach has been used for websites, educational films, and online courses.

What are some of the ideas in the article that led you to your main idea?

The first main paragraph that described what the idea was and how they have tried to use it.

What are some reasons that this article might be important for you as a teacher

It is important to know what kinds of new teaching strategies are being thought of while I am studying to be a teacher so that I am aware. It is good to be aware of new ideas so that I can progress and learn as an educator. I must continually push myself and learn new things so that I can become a better, more well-rounded teacher. It is also important in this day and age because we are constantly changing the way we teach and learn as our technology advances.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Virtual Fieldtrip

Field Trip "Table"

Field Trip Table

Activity Description

Google Earth content
(what layer, tool, content
within Google Earth will you use)
1. Amazon Rainforest

Matching game: match the animal with their habitat. Then, pick and draw favorite animal. Cut into puzzle pieces, and exchange with partner.

L: Weather, Places of Interest


2. Nunavut

Create an informative postcard, including fun facts about Nunavut. Write to a friend describing your trip.

L: Weather, 3-D Buildings, Places of Interest


3. Atacama Desert

Survivor- Make a list of 10 items they need to survive. Write-up about why these items would be necessary (i.e. how the items would be used, etc.)

L: Weather, Places of Interest


4. Great Barrier Reef

Vacation Time! Create an itinerary for a 2-day vacation here. Craft an advertisement for souvenirs found in nature.

L: Weather, Ocean, Places of Interest


Lesson Plan "Table"

Lesson Plan Table
Directions: This table is intended to help you explicitly evaluate your options for selecting the best mix of pedagogy and technology to teach content. List the activity types you want to include in the lesson and 2-3 technology options that could work. Then list the affordances and constraints of each technology/activity type combination.

Activity Type

Possible Technologies

Used for this content/With these kids

Affordances-benefits, value


Virtual Field trip- to show different environments in which people live

Google Earth

Real life videos and pictures

Only covers 2 senses (sight and sound)

Slideshow of pictures

Real footage

Video Clips


Survivor- have students choose few items to survive with

PwrPt to introduce unit

Provide instructions

Not very much interaction for the students

Show video clip examples

Clear explanation given for project (good examples)

Finding/making the videos and having it be exactly what I’m looking for

Make video, students show each other how they would live in various environments

Lots of student participation

May not have all the props needed to make it more real

World Ecosystem Jeopardy

Computer- power point

Picture Puzzle- show picture and student’s have to find out where it is

Video with questions from real-life

Scavenger Hunt

Google Earth

Tourist paparazzi: Camera- “find something that…” and take picture

Power Point

Writing assignment- features of biome, fun things you could do there

Keep ecosystem blog

Internet research- facts about ecosystem

Skype with person in another ecosystem for hw assignment

Research Portfolio

Internet Research about ecosystem

Interview someone from ecosystem via Skype

Keep info on Blog

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 7 PLE Post

1. What is the role of technology in creating dynamic experiences for your students?

I think that it is important in all aspects of life to constantly progress and improve your standards. I think that this idea applies to using technology on the classroom as well. I think it is important to help students learn in diverse ways and I think it is good for them to understand how to learn from different technologies because they will be using these technologies throughout their whole lives. I think it is good for them to have some different ways of learning in the classroom so that it doesn't become mundane and boring.

2. What are some ways that technology might actually detract from student learning?

The technology used in the classroom could detract from the learning if the teacher doesn't know how to use the technology. I have been in classes where the teacher didn't know what they were doing and it ruined the experience. It also detracts when the technology fails for one reason or another. I think that it is important that as teachers, we don't get caught up in trying to do the most advanced things but make it interesting and educational.

3. What are three examples of effective technology use that you have used or experienced?

One effective technology that has helped me in my learning is power point presentations. I think that they are used a lot but that is because they are effective and allow the teacher to teach and not worry about writing down all the information because it is already there. Another technology that has been effective has been the use of short video clips. Even in my religion classes when the teachers use video clips it makes the experience so much more rich and interesting. Lastly, a technology that has been effective is computer programs that are able to be used in the classroom. That sounds obvious but when I was in high school I took Graphic Communications and Digital Media. Without programs like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro then I wouldn't have been able to learn as much as I did in those classes.