Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 9 PLE Post

What are some ways you can tell that you have successfully integrated technology into your lesson?

I think you can tell if technology is successfully integrated into your lessons if the students understand the technology and its specific use for the class. The student doesn't necessarily need to know how to use the technology perfectly because that barely happens but if the students understand what they are learning and the role that the technology plays in their education then the technology was integrated well.

What do you feel technology should accomplish in order to be a legitimate addition to your lesson?

I think the technology should not be the center of the lesson, unless it is the topic for the class, but should be the aid in teaching the students. If the technology is helping the students and enriching the environment of the classroom and enriching their education then it is accomplishing its purpose and is a legitimate addition to the lesson.

What indicators can tell you whether or not you have chosen an appropriate technology for your lesson?

If the students are learning the curriculum and the technology is nor interfering with their education then it is appropriate. If the students aren't being distracted but are able to use the technology to their advantage and they can use it to their advantage then it is definitely appropriate.

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