Thursday, March 11, 2010


What are some of the problems with learning TPACK skills?

Some of the problems it seems is that everything being taught is very dependent on how each of the students learn. It is very important to remember that every child and every group of children will learn differently. If trying to teach something that is based to student-content learning needs then it must apply to each of the different students. It also seems like the ideas are pretty complex and not well thought out yet.

What is the main idea of the article?

The main idea of the article is to try and restructure the way classrooms are being taught by integrating technology into the lesson plans. This approach has been used for websites, educational films, and online courses.

What are some of the ideas in the article that led you to your main idea?

The first main paragraph that described what the idea was and how they have tried to use it.

What are some reasons that this article might be important for you as a teacher

It is important to know what kinds of new teaching strategies are being thought of while I am studying to be a teacher so that I am aware. It is good to be aware of new ideas so that I can progress and learn as an educator. I must continually push myself and learn new things so that I can become a better, more well-rounded teacher. It is also important in this day and age because we are constantly changing the way we teach and learn as our technology advances.

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