Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lesson Plan "Table"

Lesson Plan Table
Directions: This table is intended to help you explicitly evaluate your options for selecting the best mix of pedagogy and technology to teach content. List the activity types you want to include in the lesson and 2-3 technology options that could work. Then list the affordances and constraints of each technology/activity type combination.

Activity Type

Possible Technologies

Used for this content/With these kids

Affordances-benefits, value


Virtual Field trip- to show different environments in which people live

Google Earth

Real life videos and pictures

Only covers 2 senses (sight and sound)

Slideshow of pictures

Real footage

Video Clips


Survivor- have students choose few items to survive with

PwrPt to introduce unit

Provide instructions

Not very much interaction for the students

Show video clip examples

Clear explanation given for project (good examples)

Finding/making the videos and having it be exactly what I’m looking for

Make video, students show each other how they would live in various environments

Lots of student participation

May not have all the props needed to make it more real

World Ecosystem Jeopardy

Computer- power point

Picture Puzzle- show picture and student’s have to find out where it is

Video with questions from real-life

Scavenger Hunt

Google Earth

Tourist paparazzi: Camera- “find something that…” and take picture

Power Point

Writing assignment- features of biome, fun things you could do there

Keep ecosystem blog

Internet research- facts about ecosystem

Skype with person in another ecosystem for hw assignment

Research Portfolio

Internet Research about ecosystem

Interview someone from ecosystem via Skype

Keep info on Blog

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